Welcome To Jai Maruthi Industries

JAI MARUTHI INDUSTRIES is a manufacturer of wooden pallets and boxes for packaging. The company was established in the year 2001 with the aim of providing professional service in the field of wooden packaging.

The company has grown ever since and is leaders in manufacturing wooden boxes, pallets, crates etc. They handle pine wood, silver wood, rubber wood and plywood to manufacture boxes, pallets and crates


JMI had obtained its ISPM 15 HT in 2006. It was the 28th company in India and first in Chennai to obtain the certification.

Our group companies consist of :

☛ SLN enterprises

☛Jai Maruthi & Co.

With over 3 seasoning chambers and a capacity of 1000 cu. Ft per day , the group works meticulously on high quality and timely service of the products.

ISO 9001: 2008:

MI obtained its ISO certification in the year 2009. The company had always been different and run the business professionally unlike many of its counterparts. In a part of the world, where the wooden packaging sector was considered an unorganized clan, JMI had always set off differently.

The company follows all quality norms and sets itself apart when it comes to quality. The company has established QMS and follows it and strives for improvement in quality of product and service.

Our product

✻ We deliver the products within the specified time.